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Because I am officially back and my new blog is up and running I thought I would do a URL Graphic Giveaway! (like the one you see above)

The rules are simple:

mbf me

Reblog this post

And that is it! For those who don’t know thishappened. By reblogging you may also get a follow back from me (as I am still trying to locate the blogs I followed before). 

So go forth!

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If it’s my last chance to say it…

I was tagged by thatfantasyworldofmine

We’re gonna play a new game called Top 10 TV shows because there’s one for films. Write down your top shows and then tag 10 friends to do the same. 10 favourite TV shows (in no particular order):

-Doctor who
-Once upon a time
-Orphan black
-Downton Abbey
-The 100 
-Secrete diary of a call girl.
-Geordie shore

To busy so not going to tag anyone but if you want to do it say I tagged you :) xx

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Suddenly I realized - two people isn’t enough. You need backup. If you’re only two people, and someone drops off the edge, then you’re on your own. Two isn’t a large enough number. You need three at least.

About a Boy (2002)

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"I’m definitely a mad man with a box."

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"Time and Relative Dimension in Space"
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i  t r u s t   h i m. he’s never let me down.

p: do you love him?
c: no. not like that
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Come on then, Team Not Dead!

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Companions + Tumblr (insp)

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Oh Vastra… You are magnificent.

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Happy 32nd Birthday, Billie!

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