So guys, here we have “Love Don’t Roam” by Neil Hannon which is in Doctor Who Original Soundtrack 2006. It had been played in The Runaway Bride 3x0, I bet you remember the scene where the Doctor sees a blonde and thinks about Rose. For those who didn’t know, there you go…

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the long way round

t h e g r e a t e s t s h i p i n t h e u n i v e r s e .

the doctor speaking italian

billie piper week: day 1 (sept 16)

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barcelona! not the city barcelona, the planet barcelona.

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Elevens Era 


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I Choose You - Sara Bareilles

But you don’t understand this gives me so many TenToo x Rose feels

Rose feeling bad about TenToo having been dropped off in Pete’s world with her - without a choice, without the TARDIS, without any chance of living the life he’s used to - and him telling her that there’s no reason to feel bad. “There never was another choice. Rose Tyler, I would always choose you.” (She thinks it’s most wonderful thing he ever said to her.)


Rose proposing to the Doctor (being the modern independent woman she is and also knowing that he’s to afraid of rejection to do it). And she’s singing this song to him. And it’s then he finally understands she’s not just with him because she can’t have “the real thing”. She chooses him and this life together. It’s going to be fantastic.

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Peter’s first read through.


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If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.

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This hit me harder than I expected.

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albilibertea, all credits to you.

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